Follower of Jesus, wife to tall Scottish bloke with glasses, mother of three beautiful little people, doctor delivering babies, writer since the age of four. I write because it helps me work stuff out. And I publish it here because other people tell me it helps them work stuff out too. At the moment, I’m also writing to record, document, externally process and share my family’s year living in Swaziland, Southern Africa. My thoughts and experiences written down are not claiming to be the whole truth, the only truth, the gospel truth (unless we’re actually talking about the gospel, of course) about my adopted country. They are just the things I have seen and heard, the experiences I have had. If you’re not sure, please ask… and know that everything I say comes through a lens of love for this place and its beautiful people.

I am passionate about knowing God and helping others know Him better too. I believe my purpose in life is to seek to build His Kingdom.

I’m partial to stir-fried kale and intensely dislike bananas (my mum taught me not to say ‘hate’).

I love a good chat over a cuppa, so grab a brew and let’s sit down… I don’t do small talk.


Photo – Fjona Wei-Ling http://www.fwphotography.co.uk/