Plane Post 

I’m on a plane ! 

And it’s the first time I’ve had 5 minutes peace in a long time…. peace from endless to do lists, errands, packing, repacking, moving, packing. Children are occupied with kindles,  a peace which comes completely free of parental guilt at 30-something thousand feet… baby cooing  happily. We’ll see how long the peace lasts, but for now I’m loving it. 

We left our temporary home (thanks K&A for having us ) around 9am and were met at the airport by  babysitter, friend in a million and bearer of much needed calm in a storm… Turns out she was much needed for all her advertised functions as firstly we had visa issues. Quickly solved. Only to discover that we had reservations but our e-tickets had not been issued…  Noah was the only one who had a seat number checked all the way through to Swaziland. The rest of us could fly to frankfurt, but no further. Big time LOL. Or something… Anyway. Prayers were said and things sorted enough to give us confidence we’d be allowed on overnight long haul from Frankfurt to Jo burg. As I type, everyone except Micah and I are checked in. Something to do with the two airlines policies on infant ticket bookings being different… but I’m holding a hope that it’s cause we’re getting bumped up to first class… Here’s to optimism. 

Anyway. All that palaver killed some time in the airport, and now we’re on our way to frankfurt. Noah has suddenly become nervous of take off and landing, but fortunately this mainly manifests as loud joyful-sounding hysterical laughter during the final trip down the runway. Elsie joined in for fun, so all our fellow passengers got a giggle too.  Go Noah, mirth replacing fear is awesome and is my prayer for you. 

Elsie is entertaining me by asking me “is this Swaziland?” every time we enter a new environment. 

Anyway, my sandwich is here … see yas laters!

ps hilariously- the German crew ask almost every passenger if they speak German or English… except Nick. They automatically speak to him in German. 


One thought on “Plane Post 

  1. Inspirational! Curiously, Germans seem to think it appropriate to speak to me in German as well, can’t think why – my only known non British genes are Spanish!


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