Mambas and Meltdowns

3 weeks to go! Yikes, it’s all getting a bit real. The stress levels and emotions are running high… Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Dedicating Micah- we had the great privilege of having Micah dedicated at our church on Sunday and had lots of lovely family and friends in town to help us celebrate.  Although not a formal ‘goodbye’ party, we did see some much beloved family and friends for the last time. This was pretty hard.

Emotional meltdowns – the kids are definitely feeling the impending upturn and we’ve had a lot of tears this week. Waxing lyrical about how great it will be having a safari reserve 15 minutes away from your house only goes so far for boys who are sad about leaving their buddies and Lego collections and slightly anxious about black mambas.

Meeting Paul – today we had the great pleasure of having lunch with Nicks predecessor who has just returned from Swaziland. We’ve been in great contact with him, but it was great to meet and for the kids to get go ask him question about life in Swaziland. Chat mainly centred around what animals, fruit and diseases we might experience. My favourite part was when he admitted that yes, he did see deadly snakes locally (spitting cobra, puff adders). Anyone who knows me can imagine the shade of white I turned at this point. He reassured me that there is excellent local expertise in treating snake bites, even although it seems no one actually ever gets bitten. Hm.  I’m still asking you to pray that I NEVER see a snake.

Online purchasing – solar-powered torches, sheet sleeping bags, packing cubes, home school resources… the post man is our new best friend.

Packing the house to vacate it for our tenants- um… not really… despite the fact that we move out in a week, packing is not happening. Two big kids off school and a sleep- regressing baby are the main barrier… However, we’re optimistic this will soon change as Nick finishes work on Friday and the kids will have a mini holiday in Scotland to enable the packing mission. One thing that I’m hoping will make packing much easier is the fact that I have basically been chucking out all our stuff very gradually over the past 4 months! Minimalism saves the day. We hope.

Fundraising- thank you so much for your generosity.  It’s greatly appreciated. We still have a way to go to make our target – please see my previous post on finances here or email for bank details. 

That’s it for now – thanks for your ongoing support and prayers. Please follow the blog and email for bank details of you’d like to donate or if you’d like to join the prayer team.


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