Bottom Lines 

“You’re not getting paid?!”

The eyes of my friend grew wide. Despite being a good friend and having been part of our journey in deciding to go to Swaziland, I hadn’t made it clear that Nick’s job is unsalaried and that we are responsible for meeting most of our costs. So, I will make it clearer. Even though I’m Scottish and it is therefore difficult to discuss money, let alone ask for it…

Now, in a world where I am not so permanently busy/exhausted caring for 3 children during school holidays whilst tackling the eye-watering jobs list that comes with moving continents that I frequently put the kettle in the fridge with the milk after executing my favourite recipe (instant coffee), I would write a fantastic blog post at this point. It would be about what “mission” is and why we need your support. It would have quotations from clever people. And it would have a pie  chart with a breakdown of costs. But that’s not an achievable goal at present… so please excuse me…

Mission? To me it means following Jesus, wherever he leads us, to share His love with a broken and hurting world. You can do that anywhere. You can do it at home looking after 2 kids full time, you can do it as CEO in a multinational company. See the link to an awesome blog on this subject at the bottom of this post.  In this season, we believe we have heard His call to work in a place where we can use our skills to reach those who are disadvantaged, marginalised…  And here is where I have trouble, because I don’t necessarily see myself as amazing, as saintly, as Christ-filled as those missionary doctor stories I read as a student in my early twenties. I’m not sure I see myself doing the things they did. We’re not going with a ‘mission organisation’, so how can we be ‘missionaries’ worthy of your financial commitment…. but we do go as part of Jesus’ worldwide family wishing to engage with His purpose and plan for the people we meet.

Going to work in Africa as doctors and to live as a family is a no-brainer for me. Even if we don’t get paid to do it. Even if it costs us a lot. There is a need. We can help. Let’s go. I’m not saying I don’t have wobbles (I could list them, but I’d bore you), but that’s the bottom line.

Speaking of bottom lines…. what’s the financial cost ? These are rough estimates…

We’re provided with- flights for Nick and I, a small stipend for Nick’s living expenses, a car (but not associated costs) , accommodation on hospital site.

We need to pay for- children’s flights (£2000), travel insurance (£1-2000), anti malarials (£1000), vaccinations (£700), broadband (£50 per month), homeschooling costs, groceries (also surprisingly expensive in Swaziland – around £300 per month estimated), fun (clearly this is free when you are part of our family), childcare (eventually!), fuel, UK professional subscriptions, costs associated with renting house.

So if you choose to support us we’ll be VERY grateful, but more importantly, you will be investing in mission – sharing His love with a hurting world. Email for bank details. 

And how to change the world if you’re not headed to Africa?  Read this


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