Soft Landing 

Sawubona from Siteki! We made it! The long haul overnight was fine – some even slept. Next a transfer through Jo’burg airport with tired kids, too many rucksacks and irritation at yet another airport security check led to mango sorbet for breakfast to cheer everyone up. Then it was time to head onwards to Manzini… Read More Soft Landing 

Plane Post 

I’m on a plane !  And it’s the first time I’ve had 5 minutes peace in a long time…. peace from endless to do lists, errands, packing, repacking, moving, packing. Children are occupied with kindles,  a peace which comes completely free of parental guilt at 30-something thousand feet… baby cooing  happily. We’ll see how long… Read More Plane Post 

Our Kid

“Mum, they said the guy who did it got a bomb and put it on his body, and that he died too with all those people… why did he do that, Mum?” He wasn’t crying. He didn’t look scared. He was confused. And my heart broke. This wasn’t the plan for today. Today the plan… Read More Our Kid